10 Nov 2019

2 Cheap Cars Support the Natural Environment

In October we worked with the Native forest restoration trust to plant a New Zealand Native tree for every car sold! We donated $25 from each vehicle sale to the New Zealand Native Forest Restoration Trust. They will be using this donation in 2020 a little before winter to get the approximate 1,000 trees planted at the McGregor Reserves in Northland! 🌍🌲

“We wanted to do something unique and interesting,” said Dan Buckley, CEO of 2 Cheap Cars, “we love the idea of planting trees. It’s something that aligns with our long-term goal to give back, and helps our natural environment and uses our marketing spend in a beautiful way. We’re hoping that some of our staff and customers will be able to go up to Northland to help plant some of the trees, which I’m sure will be a great experience.”

 We feel so lucky to have the capability to be able to work this donation into the 2 Cheap Cars program. 

Thank you to all who purchased at 2 Cheap Cars in October 2019!