02 Jun 2017

Trading in Your Car? Here's How to Get the Best Deal!

Trading in your car is a convenient way to sell your old vehicle and get a new one, all in one transaction. You want to make sure you get the most value from your trade-in and that you avoid a one-sided transaction.

Here are seven strategies to help you get the best deal when trading in.


Get an Idea of Your Car's Market Value

Use websites such as redbook.co.nz to get an idea of what your car is actually worth. Also, check the websites of car dealers that are selling your make and model to see what the average price is.

After you’ve checked these resources, you’ll be armed with the high-end and low-end sale values for your car. That way, when the dealer asks what you want for your car, you can quote a high, but realistic, price to start negotiations – and you’ll know when low is too low.


Get the Car Looking Good

Give your car a thorough clean inside and out. As well as getting the car visually clean, you also need to make it smells brand new. You can purchase ozone generators that will remove pet smells, smoke odours, or other smells that will reduce the value of your car.


Get Your Records Together

Assuming you’ve kept all your maintenance records, get them together in a neat file to present to the dealer. This shows that the car has been well-maintained, helping it to fetch a better price.


Firm, Informed, and Polite

You need to be assertive in the negotiations, but you want to come across as informed and firm – not stubborn. Don’t start out by demanding a high price and nothing less. Instead, say something like “I’ve been doing some research and my car sells for $10,000 to $15,000, so think $13,000 would be a fair price”.


Be Honest

You might be tempted to hide information, bend the truth, or lie in an attempt to get a better price. Aside from the ethical concerns this raises, the simple fact is that it probably won’t work. Remember, you’re dealing with a professional whose knowledge of the car market is better than yours and who will easily spot inconsistencies or phoney repairs.

Don't lie about getting a higher offer on the car from someone else – your dealer will know if the price is unrealistic. Tricks, like painting over rust, repairing cracks with putty, or simply lying about minor problems with the car, are also misplaced. They probably won’t get past the dealer, and even if they do, you may find yourself in breach of contract. At the very least, your name will be mud next time you want to make a trade in.


Trading In Imported Japanese Vehicles

At 2 Cheap Cars, we are experts in premium second-hand Japanese imports. To discuss trading in your Japanese car – from your beloved Toyota Corolla to your Mazda CX-5 – talk to our team today. Call 0800 223 370 or submit your information online.