18 Sep 2020

We are giving away free masks to anyone who needs them.

We believes that giving away free masks will help encourage New Zealanders to cover for each other and stay safe.


Struggling to get access to masks of good quality, and enough of them to be able to use effectively to align with the government recommendations? We are bucking the trend by offering 50,000 masks free of charge to anyone who wants one. We have secured a shipment of high-quality washable face masks and they are pleased to make them available to every person in NZ that can pop by its dealerships and grab one mask per person (while stocks last).

By now, the disruption, cost, and inconvenience of the biggest health crisis the world has faced in recent times is becoming clear to all. Our brand manager Chloe Zhang notes that the cost extends to face masks for those especially in Auckland, but also elsewhere across New Zealand.


The masks are available to every person in NZ that can pop one of our dealerships.


"We're playing our part in making life just that bit easier in these difficult times by giving masks away, helping our team of 5 million do the right thing and look after themselves and one another without the cost constraints of purchasing a mask," says Zhang.

The Ministry of Health has mandated that masks are required on domestic flights and on public transport such as trains, buses, and ferries, with the general public strongly encouraged to make use of the face coverings while out in public. The World Health Organisation has indicated that wearing a mask or face covering can reduce the risk of people who have Covid-19 spreading the virus to others by helping stop infectious droplets spreading when they speak, laugh, cough or sneeze.

The sudden spike in demand for masks has seen companies and individuals charging ten times or more the usual price, putting yet another burden on people already struggling with multiple challenges from the Covid outbreak.
We have 13 branches across Auckland, Hamilton, Napier, Palmerston North, Wellington, and Christchurch.
Noting that 2020 has been a trying time for many NZ communities and especially vulnerable people, Zhang says the company has allocated a portion of its marketing budget towards initiatives which have lasting effects in support of the community. "Giving away free masks will help encourage New Zealanders to cover for each other and stay safe. Anyone and everyone is welcome to call in and collect one mask per person; we're especially keen to help those in Auckland and South Auckland, areas which are still under Level 2.5 lockdown."

We have secured a shipment of high quality washable face masks.


To get your free mask, just call in to any 2 Cheap Cars branch. To find the outlet closest to you, visit www.2cheapcars.co.nz/branches/auckland/penrose.