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  • 2010 mazda biante

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Comment Highlights

  • "When i saw this mazda biante,i know this it is.i really like the space and its appearance so nice."
    — Joey M - 2010 Mazda Biante 8 Seater
  • "The Biante is a great people hauler, spacious inside, versatile seating, quiet to drive, smooth on the road and electric ‘butler’ doors. We’re getting about 11 km/L"
  • "Masda Biante is not only for work it also useful for my family it's very comfortable to use"
    — Emilio G - 2010 Mazda BIANTE 8 SEATS
  • "I like it the Mazda Biante Tidy car"
    — Joselito O - 2010 Mazda BIANTE 8 SEATS
  • "Great vehicle and really happy with purchase. Plenty of room in vehicle and lovely to drive"
    — Michele M - 2010 Mazda Biante
  • "Has really good leg space in all seats front and back, and being able to move the rear seats forward to get extra boot space is great so for growing kids was a must. The automatic side doors and great space is a must. A few things needed e.g cup holders not a must but do miss them, and little bit of glove box space would help. Other than that great vechicle to get to and from school,sports and travel"
    — Russell S - 2010 Mazda Biante 8 SEATS
  • "Lots of room. Has the grunt off the line to get across that busy intersection. Great on gas. Good speakers. Comfy seats."
    — Ryan B - 2010 Mazda Biante
  • "It’s good and spacious."
    — Noel J - 2010 Mazda BIANTE 8 Seater - NO ORC or TAX
  • "Definitely very spacious and is awesome for the extended whānau. Quite stylish for a people mover. But if your looking for power in a vehicle this is probably not the best option. But I absolutely love my Mazda Biante and find it awesome to drive."
    — Axel A - 2010 Mazda biante 2000 cc 8 seater
  • "I love ❤ my Mazda Biante so much it's good for my family and it's looks stylish"
    — Josua V - 2010 Mazda Biante
  • "The space is awesome. The downfall for my life style is I wish the seats folded right down completely flat so I could easily put an airbed on top for camping in, or to use as a large space for carrying stuff. They fold down but at different levels so that makes it fiddly. Automatic sliding back doors are great. Drives well and feels like a car to drive rather than a heavy van. Overall loving it."
    — Stephanie M - 2010 Mazda Biante
  • "Really love our new Mazda Biante. It's modern and very roomy. Is a big bonus that it looks very stylish aswell."
    — Tara P - 2010 Mazda Biante
  • "Very satisfied"
    — Phillip M - 2010 Mazda Biante
  • "economical 2.0 liters engine, wide space compare to toyo estima"
    — Joseph Y - 2010 Mazda Biante 2.0L SuperLowKM 3YearWarrantyFree
  • "This is a very good car when its serviced properly, we had a few hiccups at first but it was resolved quiet quickly, and it is now running smoothly. Very happy with the new feature that came with car, and that is, it stops automatically when you fully stop at the lights and it will turn back on when you drive again. it has good storage space and also lots of room in the car."
    — Leo L - 2010 Mazda Biante
  • "Hi everyone interested in purchasing a Mazda Biante 7/8 seater will find how much in love you would fall in owning this vehicle so far I have come to be very confident in its reliability to start and go for a nice ride some ..Doctors.. and visiting family.. or travelling to a nearby town.. this vehicle gets a wow! Comment every where.. one goesin it and even if your Mazda Biante needed a little servicing to help improve its performance..I will guarantee you your new toy will give you a great beneficial time..Karen"
    — Karen R - 2010 Mazda Biante
  • "This vehicle is a lot better than you think it is. Give it a chance and a test drive and you'll find you'll like it a lot. Since it's a mazda, there should be plenty of parts around for repairs, and the room is fantastic in this car."
    — James H - 2010 Mazda Biante
  • "My Mazda Biante is good car because of safety features was 5 star,more space and seven seat"
    — Solomone S - 2010 Mazda Biante
  • "Lovely car to drive. So far so good."
    — Holly W - 2010 Mazda Biante
  • "Very spacious vehical. Definatly great for a family with 3+ children and very comfortable on longer drives. Isnt too bad on petrol use either."
    — Luke W - 2010 Mazda Biante
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