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  • 2016 nissan note

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  • "Getting use to driving a smaller vehicle, loving all the hide features, fuel economy and e-power is great"
    — Beverley A - 2016 Nissan Note e-Power
  • "Fuel Efficiency: The e-Power system in the 2016 Nissan Note is incredibly fuel-efficient, offering impressive mileage thanks to its hybrid technology. Smooth Driving Experience: The electric motor in the e-Power system provides instant torque, resulting in a smooth and responsive driving experience, especially in city driving conditions. Regenerative Braking: The e-Power system utilizes regenerative braking, which helps to recharge the battery while braking, further enhancing fuel efficiency and reducing wear on the brake pads. Quiet Operation: The electric motor in the e-Power system operates quietly, contributing to a peaceful and comfortable driving environment for passengers. Eco-Friendly: With its hybrid technology, the Note e-Power produces lower emissions compared to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, making it a more environmentally friendly option."
    — Senthil G - 2016 Nissan Note HYBRID
  • "Surprisingly powerful - must be the electric drivetrain. Excellent fuel economy - driven around town, North Shore (Auckland), Morrinsville - after 3 weeks use, only used 1/2 tank."
    — Edward N - 2016 Nissan Note E-Power
  • "I found the car to be more spacious than I anticipated. It's a "small" vehicle but it feels bigger on the inside. The fuel economy has saved me so much money compared to my previous vehicle."
    — HUIA S - 2016 Nissan Note
  • "The car has been a huge blessing as it has all the features that I need to be safe on the road, excellent price range and economical and spacious!"
    — Melissa K - 2016 Nissan Note E-Power Medalist
  • "great wee car with plenty of interior space."
    — Kristin M - 2016 Nissan Note E-POWER 'MEDALIST'
  • "I am very pleased with my car. I bought an epower model as the price difference is isn't so big and so far, I have only had it a week, the fuel economy is great. It is a dream to drive. It's super spacious inside, I love it."
    — CATHERINE H - 2016 Nissan Note E-POWER
  • "It's a great car, plenty of good safety features and great for family traveling."
    — Anne T - 2016 Nissan Note X
  • "It’s just what we need as a second car for a busy family and feel confident that it will be reliable and affordable."
    — Alexis H - 2016 Nissan note 1.2X
  • "Excellent car. Very quiet and smooth to drive. Very impressed."
    — SHERYLL G - 2016 Nissan Note
  • "The Nissan Note is an excellent choice for new drivers. It is equipped with 5-star safety rating, 360 camera, reverse camera and indicators. We personally loved how compact and spacious this car is! It has lots of driver seat adjustment and storage. This is an absolute great buy!"
    — Christine L - 2016 Nissan Note BOXING DAY SALE!!
  • "So far love this vehicle and it appears really Economical"
    — Tina B - 2016 Nissan Note Hybrid e-Power *MEDALIST - FULL LEATHER*
  • "a great car for a small family"
    — Allen D - 2016 Nissan Note
  • "Good car.A lot of features.Econimical.Easy to drive."
    — KARNAKARAN R - 2016 Nissan Note
  • "Really spacious for the size - good boot space and lots of space in the back seats"
    — Iona P - 2016 Nissan Note
  • "The Nissan Note E-power has many features that is very helpful especially in safety. It also very efficient in petrol. Very smooth while driving, it has a wide legroom and the price is so good."
    — Hadji B - 2016 Nissan Note E-Power
  • "Economical, good on gas."
    — Milly P - 2016 Nissan Note Nismo
  • "Great car for general around town trips, just what I need for fuel economy & reliability ."
    — Ruth L - 2016 Nissan NOTE X
  • "As a six foot tall lady I wasn’t sure if this size car would be big enough, but it is very comfortable and spacious inside. It is very economical, comfortable to drive, easy to park in small spaces. Love having a keyless car and Bluetooth is fantastic when playing my own music off Spotify."
    — Carla W - 2016 Nissan Note
  • "The 5star safety rating and a great fuel economy was a good plus for me. The leg room in the front and back seat are unexpectedly very big and comfortable considering the small size of the car."
    — YOUNG C - 2016 Nissan Note
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