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  • 2016 nissan note

    119 customer reviews
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Comment Highlights

  • "Great car to ride for town ride. Enough power and very smooth on high speed as well."
    — HIROMI Y - 2016 Nissan Note E-Power
  • "Love it, lot of car for the $$"
    — Don M - 2016 Nissan Note e-POWER X
  • "Wonderful fuel economy. Drives very smoothly."
    — Kayleigh M - 2016 Nissan note E-Power
  • "Very spacious inside. Depending on a driving mode, can be very dynamic thanks to it's electric drivetrain."
    — Virgis P - 2016 Nissan Note E POWER X
  • "So far we are loving the car. Easy to drive and exonomical"
    — Joseph R - 2016 Nissan Note e-Power Hybrid *LEATHER*
  • "when climbing, it might be difficult for a car with.1.2T"
    — Xintong L - 2016 Nissan NOTE X
  • "Great economical car that drives like an electric vehicle. Best use (comfort and efficiency wise) as a run around vehicle."
    — AMY T - 2016 Nissan Note E-Power
  • "The Nissan Note is a small car and economical to run. There is plenty of room inside. Is good that rear seats can fold down."
    — Denise W - 2016 Nissan Note
  • "Lovely and reliable vehicle!"
    — Susanna O - 2016 Nissan Note E-Power
  • "Altogether a nice car to drive and so far very economical on fuel."
    — Johanna B - 2016 Nissan Note X
  • "It has good space and is very responsive to accelerating. Goes well over the Kaimais. Uses a lot of power to go up, but charges really quickly down the other side."
    — Kenneth R - 2016 Nissan Note e-Power
  • "Highly economical in fuel, surprisingly comfortable and powerful on long journeys despite small size, and brilliant for shorter trips around town. Very clever lightweight hybrid design."
    — Stella R - 2016 Nissan note e-Power Hybrid
  • "Fuel efficient, comfortable, drives well."
    — Gary E - 2016 Nissan NOTE E-Power Hybrid
  • "Comfortable with good leg room"
    — Dorothy P - 2016 Nissan Note X
  • "As a small Hybrid, this Nissan Model out performs in acceleration and fuel economy all the Toyota Hybrids I could find to test drive. I could not find any other Brand of Hybrid that was in the same class."
    — Rosemary G - 2016 Nissan Note E-Power
  • "Seems a good size smaller car"
    — Garry H - 2016 Nissan Note S
  • "Safety rating compatible with current clean car rebate requirement"
    — Michelle M - 2016 Nissan NOTE Low kms
  • "economically"
    — Duck H - 2016 Nissan Note E-Power
  • "A very good and economical second car"
    — PETER H - 2016 Nissan Note
  • "Good safety, reliability and fuel economy."
    — Honor D - 2016 Nissan Note
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