Have you set your heart on a dream car only to realise that it’s unavailable in New Zealand? Luckily, privately importing new or used cars into NZ is completely legal, but less luckily, it’s quite a complex process.

To help you smoothly navigate the process and secure your import, you’re going to need an import specialist.


What Importing a Car Involves

The process of importing your new ride into NZ can be lengthy and complicated. You’ll need to ensure that your vehicle meets a range of standards and criteria, and provide supporting evidence. It’s important that this is done before the vehicle is shipped – otherwise, you might end up with a car in the docks that you can’t collect, and shipping companies don’t give refunds for bad planning on your part.


What You'll Need to Prove

Before importing a car, you’ll need to provide evidence of the following:

  • That the car met the required safety emissions and frontal impact standards when manufactured
  • That it was recently inspected and found to be in good working order
  • That the vehicle currently meets safety and emissions requirements
  • Whether or not the car requires repairs to meet the standards
  • Who legally owns the vehicle
  • The vehicle's identity and that it has a valid vehicle identification number (VIN) assigned and affixed


How to Choose the Right Import Specialist to Help You

There are a range of qualities you should look for when choosing a company to be your import specialist.

They should be able to act as an entry certifier – providing the evidence above as well as taking care of the logistics of the import.


Import Specialist Checklist

Here is a quick checklist of features you should look for in an import specialist for new or used cars:

  • Experience is the most important – choose a company that knows the ins and outs of importing cars. A great local car company will be no good if they don’t have experience with the import process.
  • Professionalism in all dealing with customers, officials, and foreign stakeholders
  • Skills and knowledge relating to the complexities of international trade
  • A proven reputation for delivering cost-effective air or sea freight transport and passing those savings onto customers
  • Ability to deal with a wide range of logistical needs, from any location to any destination in NZ
  • An established network of global partners
  • A reputation for year-round, on-time, and undamaged, delivery of cars


2 Cheap Cars: Your Import Specialists

When it comes to importing cars to New Zealand, 2 Cheap Cars is the natural choice. At 2 Cheap Cars, we import cars year-round, so we know the process inside out. We can take care of everything from the entry certification process to organising shipping; making sure that you get your car hassle-free.

We can also make sure you are getting a fair price on your vehicle from the overseas seller. Plus, with fourteen locations throughout NZ, we can easily have your car delivered somewhere close to you.

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